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    • The last Days

      Five Jewish Hungarians, now U.S. citizens, tell their stories: before March, 1944, when Nazis began to exterminate Hungarian Jews, months in concentration camps, and visiting childhood homes more than 50 years later. An historian,…
    • The Crisis of Civilization

      A dark comedy remix mash-up bonanza about the end of industrial civilization. Like the book on which it is based, the film consists of seven parts which explore the interconnected dynamic of global crises…
    • The days that shook Murdoch’s media world

      The UK’s Guardian newspaper published allegations that the country’s leading weekly tabloid the News of the World had hired a private investigator who accessed and deleted messages from a murdered teenager’s voicemail. The revelations…

Billion Dollar Secret

billion dollar secretAmerican military Groom Lake Base better known as Area 51 is the place for testing most advanced military technologies. It is also keeping secret that is in the very heart of most conspiracy theories. Numerous UFO sightings above the desert represents or some are interconnected with US government black programs while or the others is the proof of the aliens.

Jane’s Defense Weekly editor Nick Cook is traveling across America trying to solve the mystery of Area 51


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